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Fabricated Products


Our Fabricated products include

Product Description

  • All the above materials are used by 304 food grade matt finished.
  • All the table top, Bain Marie top, burner top, work table top are used by 16 gauge 304 food grade
  • All side panels trays for burners are used by 20 gauge 304 food grade
  • Storage rack are used by 18 gauge 304 food grade material only
  • S S 1 ½” square pipe and 1 ½” round pipes are used for legs,1” round supporting pipe wherever required
  • High pressure “GASMAN” burners of “INDIAN GAS” approved ISO Brand are usedSizes like T22 And T35 bur
    M S angular frame of 1”X3mm used for all equipments
  • Gas line pipes are “TATA” ‘C’ class pipe of ¾” dia for all burners
  • Every tables, burners,Dosa plate, storage rack have nylon bullet beet at the bottom
  • Dosa plates are MS 25 mm plate

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