Climaire India Single-door-visicooler

Single Door Visi Cooler


  • Double toughened glass door design
  • Better product exposure
  • Layered adjustable shelves, easy to adjust height
  • Adapted to R134a a refrigerant, CFC free for environmental protection
  • Inner condenser can transfer heat effectively
  • Contains inner lighting
  • Light box display for advertise

Product Description

Technical Specifications

(LxWxH) mm
Net Capacity / ltrsTemperatureRefrigerant CoolingCompressorPowerShelves
CG200615x590x1985400+2 to +8 cR134a
Static Danfoss1.38 Kwh/24h4
CG300575x590x1705300+2 to +8 cR134aStatic Danfoss1.3 Kwh/24h4

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